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Join us on an existential journey for a rapidly changing world.

Are you looking to make real and lasting change in your life?

Do you want to discover a reliable and effective method to support such change by embarking on an inner pilgrimage to awaken to your Intuitive Consciousness?

It has been said that no problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it. We believe that, by awakening to the Intuitive Consciousness within ourselves, we are able to transcend old patterns and habitual behaviours that may be limiting us in some way from being able to take our next steps forward.

So what does this new level of consciousness actually look like?

We have all had many moments of excitement when we suddenly have an ‘aha’ or intuitive flash that allows us to see a situation differently, or solve a problem we have been struggling with. These moments often give us an entirely different solution than we may have achieved through simply thinking through the problem. Indeed, most of our deepest creativity lies in such intuitive flashes if only we could get to these more intentionally.

We call this innate wisdom, our Intuitive Consciousness

It contains within it all those flashes of insight and intuition that seem to arrive into us as if ‘out of the blue’. This level of consciousness has always been there but is often not listened to. When we do pay attention to it, we can access more information about ourselves and any situations we are in, which in turn helps us to make decisions in a wise and grounded way. This programme of the Inner Camino Training Series teaches us to reliably access Intuitive Consciousness in our daily lives.

Reviews of the book

I found the introduction to the Inner Camino pathway extremely powerful and meaningful. Using this as a framework for developing leadership has been immensely helpful in my personal and professional life.

The Impeccable Leader Training provided by Sara and Jill was by far the most valuable leadership/management course I have undertaken, and I only wish that I had taken it much earlier in my leadership career. I highly recommend this training to anyone involved in a leadership/managerial role at any point in their leadership career.

The Advanced Supervision and Process Skills training gives practical, embodied exercises that put theory directly into practice. The speed and pace of the group exercises prevent too much intellectualization and encourage a fun, creative learning experience. The invitational approach of the facilitators welcomes in doubt and confusion with respect, gentleness and humour.

I can honestly say this training felt like the most enjoyable and informative training I’ve had the pleasure of taking in my career to date. I looked forward to the training days in the weeks running up to them and found all of the readings and course work as well as discussions, role-plays and break-out rooms so helpful.

“Stage one, especially, is beautiful. Beautiful is not a word I use often about writing. The explanation of dual consciousness is one of the best I’ve read.”

This book contains valuable, nay, vital information and relays it in a gentle, coherent, persuasive way. It never beats the reader over the head. It always persuades. What a delight that is!

“Really feel like I have been on a journey and benefited personally from reading this book, I’ve really enjoyed the contents, the stories, the exercises and the positive progression through the stages.

Very enjoyable journey to undertake. I felt like you weren’t taking it alone as the ‘book’ travelled with you and helped carry you along.

Great that the book built up slowly and explained each aspect and explored it, and then as the book moved on these were built upon and referred back to…it helped with understanding and to reaffirm each aspect as part of the journey.

“Very accessible reading, great examples to explain points, good clear and usable exercises throughout. Easy to relate to…I often found myself going; ‘yes I have felt this too’…

This really has been the most wonderful journey. It has made me realize the things that I did know about myself and re affirm my values, made me acknowledge the things I didn’t know, and address the things that I ignore. The start was unknown, the journey was colourful and the destination was wonderful…. Every step of the journey was not what I was looking for, but was ultimately what I needed.

I’m eager to get about a dozen copies so I can give them to my friends and say: “This is a Darn good book. Don’t talk to me again unless you’ve read it.”

“Sara’s workshops helped me to feel more confident about taking on the role of supervisor. The focus on process means there’s great scope for personal development too! I highly recommend this training for supervisors at all levels.”


Sara and Jill are sisters, born and raised in Dublin, Ireland. As psychotherapists they have spent years supporting people through their journeys of self discovery. Along the way they have learned to integrate their learning from Eastern Spiritual Practice, interweaving a deep commitment to the mystical while remaining anchored in mainstream psychological practice.

Sara Hollwey (C.Psychol.Ps.S.I; MIAHIP; MIACP; Dipl.PW)

Jill Brierley (UKCP; Dipl.PW; Accredited EMDR practitioner, ret)

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