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Sara Hollwey (Reg.Psychol.P.S.I; MIAHIP; MIACP; Dipl.PW)

Jill Brierley (UKCP; Dipl.PW; Accredited EMDR practitioner, ret)

Sara and Jill are sisters, born and raised in Dublin, Ireland. While their lives diverged for a time their shared passion for psychotherapy and spiritual practice has brought them together to pool their experience. Their book Building Intuitive Consciousness: The Inner Camino as an Existential Journey for a Rapidly Changing World (previously published under the title The Inner Camino A Path of Awakening) forms the basis for their training programmes and is a documentation of the synthesis of their journey through esoteric and psychological study.

About Jill

Jill’s journey began by studying Vedanta philosophy and qualifying in the Sivananda Yoga Ashram, leading to a lifelong practice of yoga and meditation. Jill holds a diploma in Process Oriented Psychology, a Masters in Integrative Arts Psychotherapy and is an accredited EMDR practitioner who worked as a psychotherapist and supervisor for over 25 years.

About Sara

Sara is a registered clinical psychologist, integrative psychotherapist and has a diploma in Process Oriented Psychology. She currently works in the School of Psychology at University College Dublin and has a private psychotherapy and supervision practice. She spent a number of years working in an Anthroposophical hospital in the UK, which aimed to extend mainstream Western medicine through complementary, spiritual principles. This holistic approach to health and well-being has continued to influence her through her training and work in psychology.

This mutual involvement in the Processwork and Worldwork models of Arnold Mindell, shared appreciation of the philosophy of Anthroposophy and their ongoing commitment to spiritual practice has brought them together to create their book and training programmes. Their work continues to interweave a deep commitment to the mystical while remaining anchored in mainstream psychological practice. In 2002 they founded a professional consultancy where they began their collaborative work with groups and organizations, and in running training programmes. 

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