The Path to Inner Peace
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The Path to Inner Peace


Many of us spend a large proportion of our time in the workplace and it can be a source of much fulfilment, but also stress. Learning how to manage complex relationship dynamics and to deal with ongoing pressures that impact our work-life balance can do much to increase our well-being and quality of life.

Self-awareness is one of the first steps to self-empowerment. Learning to look at challenging situations from a different and wiser perspective brings many new possibilities to the table. This new perspective is akin to making a paradigm shift within ourselves, where we move beyond our ordinary thinking to discover new insights.

The course is built on a core thread that combines psychological principles and spiritual wisdom. Each module builds on the one before, helping us develop the capacity for a new way of looking at our lives, and to tap into an energy for making change. The course addresses all areas of self-development and will enhance both personal and professional life.

Choosing a New Consciousness

The training is based on a transpersonal psychology model, Building Intuitive Consciousness which introduces a framework for personal and professional development. It is a model of change, that integrates both personal psychology and deeper aspects of human experience. The benefit of working from a transpersonal approach is that we learn to follow our less rational and more intuitive knowledge. We are thus not governed by self-limiting habitual patterns of thinking or behaving. This approach helps us to discover how to access this new expanded perspective, and what we call our Intuitive Consciousness.

Building Reliance and Personal Power

We often look to change the external aspects of our lives when things become pressurised or challenging. However, there are often many practical reasons why these external changes are not possible. This can lead us into ever decreasing cycles of hopelessness.

Many of us do not realise that we always have the possibility to empower ourselves internally, and through these internal changes to discover ways to engage more creatively with life challenges.

Developing Self-Awareness Skills

The training will enhance personal and professional skills and awareness. These skills can also be used to facilitate others to work from a more creative and expanded place.

The training is experiential and supports a daily practice to access intuition reliably, those moments of insights and ‘ahas’, in order to live more fully out of our deepest potential.  Once the training begins the group is closed so that a safe and confidential space is created to support participants explore and understand why we react in certain ways.

Event Details

Courses run Fridays 3pm-7pm and Saturdays 9am -1pm

Dates 2024 coming soon


Start time: 15:00 IST

End time: 19:00 IST

Venue: Online