The Impeccable Leader: A Training in Leadership Skills 2024
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The Impeccable Leader: A Training in Leadership Skills 2024


Becoming The Leader You Want To See In The World

We are all leaders in some way, and it is important to understand what underlies effective leadership. This training teaches the process skills needed to become an impeccable leader and be able to sit in the heat of challenging teams, groups or organisations.

An impeccable leader is also the servant of the group, seeking to discover and to bring out its diversity and wisdom. Understanding process dynamics inherent in any group is essential to be able to lead well and with confidence. In this way the task is completed more efficiently and working in a team can become a collaborative and enjoyable experience. This allows the wisdom of the group to come out and the group to become a safer space for all of its members.

These process skills are for leaders in named positions of power, and for those in any group situation where we find ourselves momentarily stepping into positions of ‘participant leader’. The skills are also relevant for all those interested in contributing towards cultural change, in becoming ‘the leader we want to see in the world’. 

Facilitation Skills For Everyone

In every organisation we all have opportunities to step into the leadership position. Just because we are not the designated leader, when we speak up in a group with an idea or a suggestion we have become a momentary or participant leader.

The problem is that many of us may feel shy or reluctant to step into the limelight and take a leadership or facilitation position. The more every participant in a team or organisation can speak out and assume participant leadership, the more empowered, efficient and energised the group becomes.  This in turn transforms the culture to become open and dynamic and to be able to welcome new ideas and creative solutions.

The Process Skills of Leadership

Our work is also based on the concepts of Arnold Mindell and his Worldwork method of understanding groups, conflicts, power and leadership.

Understanding and having the process skills to facilitate the complexity and multiple aspects of the leadership role is central in order to lead and manage with wisdom and integrity.
This is especially true if the team or group is beset with difficult dynamics, rank and power issues and underlying conflicts. Indeed, it is often these underlying processes and relationship dynamics in groups that ‘hijack’ the task that the group has come together to complete.

The fundamental process skills of a leader include some of the following:

  • Understanding different relationship style and dynamics so that all feel included, empowered and energized
  • Troubleshooting common issues such as dealing with challenging feedback, power and rank situations, communication difficulties, conflicts, or disturbing or troublesome colleagues
  • Understanding the dynamics of power and conflict so that diversity is welcomed in a win-win atmosphere rather than fostering unhealthy competition, oppression or bullying
  • Understanding the political structure inherent in any team, group or organization, to be able name such process signals, and to be able to facilitate and manage these group dynamics.

The Inner Work Skills Of Leadership

To be a leader we need to lead from the very best of us – a wise, impeccable and compassionate self- rather than from a wounded personality.  The training teaches how to do the inner work required to maintain that impeccability when stepping forward into the leadership role. It is based on our transpersonal model Building Intuitive Consciousness. Here we learn to ‘stop and step out’ of our habitual or ego driven personality, and facilitate with perspective, neutrality and open-heartedness, welcoming all of the diverse voices in ourselves and in the system.

Without such a transpersonal gaze, we run the risk of becoming a ‘wounded leader’, using the power inherent in the leadership position to defend against our blindspots, and to oppress others. We may also fail to address disruptive dynamics in the group that might be building up in the background, such as signs of burn out or conflict.

The fundamental inner skills of a leader include some of the following:

  • Understanding one’s own history, including blind spots and triggers, in order to lead with impeccability and openness
  • Understanding how to do inner work or ‘burning one’s wood’ in the moment as a leader in order to develop your transpersonal gaze
  • From that transpersonal perspective to become robust and fluid as a leader in order to be able to hold disruptive dynamics as a group, and enable increased contact and safety for all the members of the team.

The Impeccable Leader Training provided by Sara and Jill was by far the most valuable leadership/management course I have undertaken, and I only wish that I had taken it much earlier in my leadership career. I highly recommend this training to anyone involved in a leadership/managerial role at any point in their leadership career.

I found the introduction to the Inner Camino pathway extremely powerful and meaningful. Using this as a framework for developing leadership has been immensely helpful in my personal and professional life.


Event Details

Dates: 2024

Times 9-4pm

September 18th and 19th  

October 23rd and 24th

November 27th and 28th

December 11th and 12th

Times: 9am-4pm

Typical module format

Morning session: 9am -1pm – with a tea break in the morning

Lunch: 1pm-2pm

Afternoon session: 2pm-4pm

Start Date

Date: September 18, 2024

Start time: 09:00 IST

End time: 16:00 IST

Venue: Online via Zoom Link


  • Who is this training for?
  • What does being an Impeccable Leader mean?
  • Does this training help the leader to address team and group process dynamics?
  • How does working with process support the task to be completed efficiently.
  • Can this training be tailor made for individual organisations?