Going Deeper: Case Supervision for Supervisors and Leaders

Going Deeper: Case Supervision for Supervisors and Leaders

These four sessions have been created to support anyone who has completed either the Supervision and Reflective Practice course (formerly Advanced Supervision and Process Skills) or the Impeccable Leader.

Price: €240

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These supervision sessions are for anyone who has completed either The Impeccable Leader or Supervision and Reflective Practice and wishes to deepen and expand the transpersonal awareness model of Building Intuitive Consciousness.

In each session we will focus on the practical application of the work, using examples that participants bring, refreshing the skills and interventions needed to move these situations to the next level of resolution.

The aim is for participants to practice their facilitation skills together, either as a supervisor or leader, so that they can be confident in the work, and become change makers in their fields.

The sessions will be experiential. Through role play and group discussion participants will further their understanding of their own personal edges and triggers (‘wood burning’), develop fluidity identifying what the problem and interventions might be, and practice facilitation and supervision with more confidence based on the examples from other group participants.

Underlying all of this is the consolidation of the ability to be grounded across the threshold, remembering that taking this vital step can bring about huge change and increase resilience and enthusiasm for the work. Above all, the more we work from this state of Intuitive Consciousness the more we enable all the interventions to be delivered in a way that supports individual growth and systemic change. Each module will continue to support and integrate the complexity of the work so that these skills become a seamless part of your facilitation.

Event Details

Dates 2024

August Thursday 29th

October Thursday 3rd

November Thursday 7th

December Thursday 5th

Start time: 14:00 IST

End time: 17:00 IST

Venue: Online via Zoom Link

Email: info@intuitiveconsciousness.com